How To Advise needed on how best to sharpen DM's special serrations ! As found on my " Prevalito " .

Jan 29, 2016
Recent post by DM : "All of my customers receive free technical support. I will teach you how to sharpen ..."

Here's your big chance David ! ;)
Kidding Doc! I will make a tutorial and post it here. Until then, feel free to call me. My number is on my card.
I know I'm not David, but I've found that with larger serrations a round file (think for sharpening a saw chain) followed by my lansky crock sticks to be satisfactory in returning cutting performance. Just do each one individually.

Baryonyx also has a small oval hone in his artic fox ceramic blend that I'm sure would do a bang up job. I keep meaning to pick one up, just hasn't been in the cards of late.

Gonna be a while before the upload finishes. So it probably won't play for a half hour or so. But I am heading to the shop so I wanted to post it now. All one take, no edits, a dirty secret revealed, and finally goofiness exposed, please don't judge me too harshly. One clarification: By "ghetto" I just mean, "low tech, high effect".

P.S. I just did half a dozen passes per side on that plainedge S35VN Tenacious and it is no longer snagging at the tip.
well done David. video needs to be a sticky on your forum, so it doesn't get buried down the road.

also I love this knife. kinda a mix of I think it's a right handed chisel edge like Matt used to do....and kinda a spyderco blade shape and your own designs mixed into it. looks like a great knife. when ya get rid of it, put me on the short list, please......