AEB-L ROFR books closed - orders completed

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
I've ordered a sheet of AEB-L in 3/32" thickness. My largest sheet yet, 15" x 48". I'll be having it cut by Leading Edge Fabricating, and heat treated by Jarod Todd. If you have a design in mind that you'd like me to make, hit me up through PM or email. No deposits required on these, unless you ask for a really wacky design only you would want. ;)
Thanks Dergyll Dergyll ! But believe it or not, much of the sheet has been claimed already. There's still room for you, of course. :)
Man I thought I was being accomplished and all being first! Haha, it was too good to be true
This is closed to new designs now that I have sent the file to Mark for cutting. This was the final layout, with designs in red being spoken for, and the rest being eventually destined for the knife exchange (or my belt, for a couple of them hopefully!):

I think this one might be mine :)
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Yes it is Bill, and I made a couple extras of that one as well. These are now cut and shipped to Jarod. Final yield on the sheet was a bit different than the image above, but everyone can still expect what they asked for.