AEB-L Run, formerly Secret, now Public

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
Good afternoon friends! We all love Jarod Todd and his expert blade heat treatments. As a one man shop in very high demand, and having a full time job, and a toddler at home, it can take him some time to work through orders. And this year has thrown him a number of curve balls that are not my place to reveal other than to say that he has dealt with some things, but is still working away at our blades, as circumstances permit. For those of you still awaiting blades that he is going to process, I assure you it is well worth the wait. But I am trying to give Jarod a break from piling on the orders until he gets caught up.

I am announcing a run of AEB-L blades that I have just put into motion with New Jersey Steel Baron, and Peter's Heat Treating. NJSB has just cut a few dozen for me and shipped them to Peter's. I have given Peter's instructions to not straighten the blades there, but I will do it in the shop. Peter's has a stellar reputation for their heat treatment, as can be seen simply by looking at the successes of CPK, for starters. The only thing I have ever seen anyone complain about is their torch straightening, and for the longest time I had been spoiled by Jarod, because he has always peen straightened any warped blades for me, at no extra charge. So I will be peen straightening any warped blades myself that come back from Peter's.

It is possible these blades will be arriving in the shop around the same time or even before the MagnaCut blades we've been waiting for since the start of the year, and almost a certainty they will be arriving before the AEB-L run that I started right after that one. Those of you who are awaiting blades on those runs deserve to know why you may see stainless blades showing up before yours.

Now with the explanations and disclaimers out of the way, here are the models I have coming, the total quantity of each, and how many are already claimed. Price info is available through PM or email discussion, at which point anyone can claim a blade, with a small deposit via PayPal invoice to secure your spot. I will update this post to reflect claims as they are made. Some of these models can be seen already in this thread:

And the options you have in how I finish the knife can be read here:

Thanks for checking out this latest project, and I hope to make you one of these soon!

Flicker, 5 (2 claimed)

Pukko-Jitsu, 6 (claimed)

Prevail, 5 (3 claimed)

Sentinel 19, 2 (2 claimed)

Speed Gladius Penta-Strike, 2 (2 claimed)

Tanto of Opportunity, 9 (3 claimed)

Skinny Fat Bowie, 5 (0 claimed)

Kagitsume, 11 (3 claimed)

Triumph, 2 (2 claimed)

Barowie, 2 (2 claimed)

For some blades, they can be modded if one desires something similar but different. For example, the Pukko-Jitsu, when flipped upside down becomes a swayback wharncliffe, and any one of these blades can be changed by removing material from the profile.

Without furth ado, the base models in CAD with names and dimensions:
NJSB Run Nov 2023 Names.jpg

Half inch grid squares
NJSB Run Nov 2023 half inch squares.jpg

One inch grid squares
NJSB Run Nov 2023 one inch squares.png
And I was so sure I covered everything….

.187”, 61 RC, 59 for the Sentinel, Barowie, and Gladius
I'd snag a skinny fat but I'll wait for the original run to come from Jarod. But this is a great run of blades.
Status emails every day since have said "tempering", so I gave them a quick call to inquire, and I the lady on the phone advised me that they can be in tempering for normally a week or two, but that this time of year due to increased orders, and the Thanksgiving shut down, things can slow down a bit on their end. But it sounded like she thinks the blades are likely to ship within the next couple of weeks.
Someone was asking about getting a Street Beat inspired knife, possibly a wharncliffe. And while, I won't make an exact copy, I don't mind making something similar that draws on the original for inspiration. So just to give an example of the kind of versatility and flexibility I am bringing to the table with these blanks, here is an example of two knives I designed within the constraints of the Kagitsume blank. First I proposed the wharncliffe, at which point he said what he really wants is a clip point with the tip in line with the handle, so I reworked the design into that, which is now what he has signed up for. I am showing these so that others who see this page understand that I can offer more than just the designs shown in the original post. A little imagination knows no limits.


Liking it so far.
Zero Prevails are destined for modding. 🤣