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AFCK Blade Play

May 31, 1999
I've had my 800SBTL for about 3 weeks now, and I've noticed that when I open it and move the blade, I get no play, but when I grip the knife, I feel a few millimetres of vertical blade play. Is this normal, or an inherent liner lock flaw? BTW, none of this happened for the first few weeks I owned it. TIA.

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Most likely, when you grip the knife, your index finger is contacting the grooved liner area in the index finger cutout. This moves the locking-bar of the liner-lock back over to the left so it is no longer contacting the blade tang and locking the blade securely open. Therefore, the blade is free to wobble slightly up and down.

The fix for this is to grab a Dremel with cut-off discs and file away those protruding grooves. Recessing the liner-lock in this way means the index finger can no longer displace the locking bar of the liner-lock (which is one step short of an actual disengagement). In my opinion, this modification makes the liner-lock much more stable and unlikely to unlock, especially in torquing-type situations.