AFCK blade play

Apr 21, 1999
Great knife. But way too much blade play. The pivot screw just doesn't stay tight. It starts backing out after I tighten it, with just a few openings. Will Loc-tite get rid of this problem permenatly?

Whatever you do use the Blue Loc-Tite. And yes, it will solve the problem.

I used Blue Loktite on my Mini-AFCK and have had no problems since. I have noticed that if I use my thumb to flick the blade open vs hold the blade and flicking the handle open, it gets looser.

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I use the blue Loctite "Tite'N For Bolts." Makes a rubbery seal that holds the screw firmly but lets it be disassembled several times before it needs to be re-applied. On Benchmades I sometimes replace the pivot screw with a slotted pan-head type so that any movement is easily detectable (you notice the change in slot angle) and can be corrected with a Leatherman or something instead of having to dig out a hex key. Not the way to go for pretty knives, but for a "user" I think it looks fine.

-Drew Gleason
Little Bear Knives