AFCK G-10 Handles

Dec 18, 1998
I was checking out an AFCK at the store the other day and noticed that the screw holes for the handles don't have that "liner" to prevent the G-10 from stripping (like in the Stryker). My Benchmade Emerson fell apart due to this problem.

Do the AFCK handles tend to fall apart due to stripped G-10 holes?
I have AFCKs and Mini-AFCKs and all the newer ones have the inserts on the back of the handle. The one you saw was one of the older samples. When the Stryker came out it was just a matter of timing that they had started using the inserts. I have not had any problem with the non-insert threaded G-10, but then I don't disassemble my knives much. A little cross-threading can easily strip the G-10, but otherwise it can hold on real well. Benchmade is not the only company threading screws directly into G-10; my Kershaw Starkey Ridge is made that way too. There must be others. The Mini-AFCKs have steel liners (not titanium like the full size AFCK and your CQC-7) to help stiffen the thinner knife, and I think that helps avoid the problem of stripping out.

If it was an aircraft part or a military piece the designers never would have put the screws directly into the G-10 without an insert to back it up. But then these knives are just commercial products and go through an evolution where the returns department finally persuades the design department that it would be cheaper to do it the right way.

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Actually if you flex (hand pressure only)an older AFCK, CQC7, or even a Spydie Military you can strip the handle screws.

Sitting on the (closed) knife will occassionally achieve the same result.

Once prying with an AFCK I heard a "pop"

wouldnt you know it-G10 stripped out!

Look for newer BM's, Genesis Knives, Cuda's,
and some Klotzli's and some of the newer spyderco's. They seem to avoid this conundrum.