AFCK - Kasper Modifications

Apr 18, 1999
Recently, a forum member disd an excellent review of modifications preferred by Bob Kasper. I have looked, but cannot find this thread presently so I am uanable to give due credit to this member. I thought one of the recommensations in particular made sense, im part because a klutz like myself could execute it. I speak of the abrasive material glued to the clip. I purchased a roll of Scotch Anti-Slip medium duty take a a local hardware store yesterday. This material is not so abrasive it will tear up skin, clothing or furniture. In fact it is a rubbery material with kind of a rough pebble finish. It is self-adhesive and easy to apply. Excess material is easily trimmed with a razor blade. I like it.
You should try 3M Grip tape; I bought a foot of it at the local Home Depot for 11 cents!!
VERY sticky!
Willie Boy: is that 3M tape black??

MDP: that interview was just great. Bob Kasper is not typically available to chat with let alone having to do an interview. Thanks again.

Mr. G: I believe that is what Willie Boy was referring to. Recently I' ve switched to
applying the "grip tape" (fine grit from Brownells)to the concave (curved) portion of my spyderco/ BM clips only. It gives me enough of a surface for my finger(s) to hold on for a rapid/ secure draw and at the same time is "recessed" to avoid clothing contact. So far no signs of vest/ jacket wear. Note: it may not work well with tip down folders for some as it requires a different draw method. Hope this is useful.


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