AFCK M2 or D2 Axis????


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Oct 5, 1998
Hey I need some help with this one. I have wanted another AFCK for daily carry and for a while I have looked at the M2 version. Now the D2 with the Axis is out and I can't decide between the two. I like M2 steel but I also like the Axis lock but don't know anything about D2. Any opinions??? How does D2 stand vs M2.
I appreciate any responses
I'm afraid I am no help here when it comes to steel, but I can give an honest opinion on axis locks vs linerlocks.
I'd give this one some long hard thought RE: steel, and how important it really is, and some time with an axis equipped BM.
A quick check on old D2/M2 threads would probably show that the pro's and cons of any 2 comparable steels is so even one way or another that it hardly matters which you pick....with one you may have better edge holding, but more chip-prone, one rusts, one won't, one sucks to sharpen, the other doesn't etc etc.
Personally, steel has dropped on my list of importance over time compared to ease/fun to use factor, that pretty well determines which knives get carried most in the end, for me it does anyways. My 440c BM556 has pretty-well ousted all others from my EDC lineup, including a long-time personal favorite, an old CRKT Apache ats-34 linerlock which I really dug.
one loud vote for the hopelessly addictive Axis lock here!

Just my measley .02
Some may argue but I'll take D2 over M2 because it is more stainless than M2 and from my experience holds an edge every bit as well.

Bob Dozier is probably the undisputed king of D2 and I have owned many of his knives. Have owned many D2 knives by other makers as well. The only knife I've used that even comes close to the magic Bob works on D2 is my BM AFCK (806D2).

I would take the D2 model hands down, the added benefit of an Axis lock is a major plus.
IMPO I tend to prefer a steel that holds and edge better because Im lousy when it comes to sharpening knives. I don't care about rust protection, just take the time to apply some slilcon or teflon onece in a while, and if it rusts, steel wool works great, for minor corrosion polish will take it off. As far as locking mechanisims go, Ive never had one fail on me, and I think people are paranoid about 'safty' Ive been using slipjoints all my life and never onece have I cut myself because on the blade closing on my hand, if you use a knife correctly there isnt a real purpose for a lock. I onece took a $2.50 knife (lockback) and put pounds of force on it and couldnt make the lock fail. I tend to prefer the axis becasue you dont need to put your finger infront of the blade when you close it (for all morons who cut them selves when closing em). But since these knives are so comparable in quality/attributes, Id base my decision on looks, which like evey thing else is a matter of personal preferance.
I don't have much experience with D2, as far as wear resistance is concerned. I have a 710 in M2 steel and I can't imagine another edge lasting longer. I bought mine in May of 2001-- one and a half years ago. I use it practically everyday and it hasn't taken a sharpening yet. No, I am not regularly cutting cardboard with it, but it is still a long time to keep a functioning edge.

But the Axis lock is awesome. I would go with the Axis and D2 combination over an M2 and liner combination.
I have the 806D2 and the 814M2 and they are both amazing! I've had to sharpen the 806D2 more often, but they both hold amazing edges!