AFCK, MiniSOCOM, REKAT Pocket Hobbit - compare ?

Jun 4, 1999

Could you guys compare these knives (if they are comparable) to me.
Handle characteristic, blade features, sharpness ...
Which one is the best choice ?


I just got a miniSOCOM and for the price it's the best knife in fit and finish I've ever seen! What Jewel! That's where it beats the other two knives. Workmanship!

All that being said: the miniSOCOM is too small for my big paws. Even only a 1/4" would make a big difference on the handle. I just picked up a Spydie Delica and the handle size is perfect. That's why I'd like to trade my SOCOM (for a nice Spyderco) or sell it.
The SOCOM apparently likes to fail a LOT; The lock hs been known to throw quite a bit under normal conditions. That's no good.

The AFCK is a great knife, personally I am not the most happy with the handle design, but you will have to probably hold it yourself to see if you like it or not. It's a very popular knife, so I am guessing I am in the minority in thinking it isn't very comfortable.

I really hate the Pocket Hobbit, to me it's a total joke. Sorry, I can't offer very much on this knife; I put it down a minute after I picked it up, and I have never held one again.

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I sold my AFCK after I bought a MiniSocom, the mini is so much better in fit, finish and comfort. For me it is a far better size, and I prefer the steel. I have tested it quite a bit and found NO lock failures. That being said, any lock can be made to fail, and I trust my mini as much as I did the AFCK that I had for years.
I guess it depends on whether you want a complete "collectors" knife, a hiliarious "scary thing" kinda knife, or an "advanced folding combat" knife.

I'll admit it, I'm a bit biased, being as I own the almighty AFCK.

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