AFCK tip strength


Oct 5, 1998
I have been thinking about getting an AFCK but was curious about the strength of their blades. Have any of you abused your AFCK, especialy the point, and how has it held up?
Thanks in advance.
I opened a can of corn on a recent fishing trip with my full size AFCK and ended up with chips along the blade. I re-sharpened but the chips were deep enough I can still feel them a little.

I have heard of people complain about the AFCK's tip strength. Although I have never really abused my AFCK (large), of all the times I've stabbed things with it, the only damage is a slight chip off the tip. Barely noticeable really. If it's that much of a concern to you, I recommend a different knife instead, like the BM Stryker.
If you jam an ATS-34 AFCK into hardwood and torque it sideways, you will likely break the very tip off. Anything less than that has not been recorded to do damage. If you do the same thing to an M-2 AFCK, it may bend the edge a little, but won't break.

I hammered my M-2 AFCK through the hood of an old Ford with *no* damage to the tip and hardly any dulling. I have not tried the test with an ATS-34 AFCK.

The tip strength overall is probably much better than you think. It is certainly much better than I anticipated upon viewing the knife for the first time, and my tests on both steels proved to me that I was worng in my initial impressions. I don't think you will break the tip unless you try.

My old AFCK has been used us much it is frightening. I have litterally taken it to hell and back in the military - and the thing has survived remarkable well. It is now so ugly as to be unfit in polite company. It rides in tackle box now... But dont be offended... my tackle box is the residence of many sacred treasures and memories and I could think of no better place of honor where it will still be of service and often called upon. Yes the tip of the blade is missing... about 1/5th of an inch... and the resulting flat point is sharpened... Which gives it an unentended almost tanto like profile. Yes it is ugly.
I am very much looking forward to my new AFCK that I have won over the weekend on the firing line gun forum... I plan on putting it to some very good use and retiring my Spyderco Police knife as a daily carry.
I was thinking of getting a Mini AFCK... but the folding KISS knife is working just fine as a small politically correct blade to take to work with me.