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AG Russell Linerlock any opinions?

Aug 15, 2000
Am thinking of making the order for the AG Russell Linerlock: ATS-34, blue anodized titanium bolsters, chinese quince burl scales for $195. They are supposed to be handmade in Japan for AG and looks like a great knife for the price. Does anybody have one of these and can offer some opinions?

This is the link for the knife: http://www.agrknives.com/agrussell/ag-cj1.html


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I've had the A.G. Russell Walker Lock for several months now and I've been pretty pleased with it. The one I have is solidly constructed; the action is very smooth and the lock-up is quite good (better than on most factory liner locks that I've owned). The ergonomics of the knife are good and it's a very nice size for daily carry. It has no pocket clip (a plus from my perspective) and has a decidedly non-tactical appearance. The quince scales are nicely figured and the rather long titanium bolsters are anodized in a very vivid blue color. The contrasts between the wood and the anodized titanium bolsters struck me as a little odd at first, but since I've become accustomed to it I find it very attractive. The knife was delivered very sharp and has held an edge quite well, though I should qualify this by saying that I haven't done any really strenuous cutting with it.

That being said, it is not a "perfect" knife. While I find its finish and appearance much more appealing than the "black tactical" folders that dominate the market, it lacks the attention to detail that most customs made with similar materials exhibit. Rather than being dovetailed, the scales are simply set flush with the bolsters; there are very miniscule gaps between the bolsters and scales in some places. One thing that wasn't apparent from the catalog illustrations is the fact that the knife is not symmetrical about the long axis; the locking liner is comprised of an additional sheet of metal on one side of the blade (rather than being machined out of the existing liners). This makes one side of the knife approximately one-sixteenth of an inch thicker than the other. It's certainly not a major design problem (and I'm sure it's cheaper to produce), but I've never seen a liner lock in this price range constructed in this manner. Also, I've noticed that the titanium bolsters seem to be very prone to scratching; this tendency is made more apparent by the vivid blue anodization.

Don't get me wrong...I'm actually pretty fond of this knife. It's a well-constructed piece with a lot of nice features. It just has a few little design idiosyncrasies that I wouldn't have expected to see in a knife that costs nearly $200. I was able to get mine at a reduced price when A.G. Russell had a sale last year and I think I got a pretty good value. I just think that if I was going to spend that much money on another knife of the type, I'd probably think about spending a little bit more and looking at something from the William Henry line (or maybe even an inexpensive custom). Just my opinion...

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Thanks Jim, you've been more than helpful.

I happen to think the size of the knife is just about perfect for daily carry, but i think I'll look for another.

Thanks again

"Praise not the day until evening has come;a sword until it is tried; ice until it has been crossed; beer until it has been drunk" - Viking proverb