ag russell woodswalker

Jul 14, 2000
hi all,
i bought this knife this afternoon, i would have bought something higher end,but im savin my pennies for the little rock show.
this thing i would say is comparable to the shrade does shave,not sure of the steel,ill look that up.
the blade is a little different than what im used to.this one bends like a fillet knife.of course,it is made for odd jobs like skinning and camp cooking,so i think a thin blade is a plus on this knife.the handle is fairly comfortable,except when you want a tight grip on it(but i dont see why you would want to bear down on it anyway,being the knife that it is.)seems pretty tough for a knife its size,and the fit and finish arent bad,especially for a knife this inexpensive.
the sheat--i dunno what to say about the doesnt impress me,but it doesnt dissapoint me rides comfortably in my back pocket,and with the button buttoned it stays in place when i pull it out.its made of leather and cost as much as the knife itself does.
overall this is a pretty good little knife (esp.for 20 bucks,10 w/o the sheath)and i can see it going with me just about everywhere.good little knife...
i went to the website and all it says about the steel is:
"The high-carbon stainless blade ...."
that leads me to believe that the blade is made of a high carbon stainless steel.