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Age and treachery pay off for me again!

Feb 2, 2000
Wooohooo! Being old and paranoid, I shuffled some of my High Tech stocks off into a little overseas investment, just before the tech stuff went in the toilet. Results? I have yet again emerged from the red ink. In a couple weeks when the checks clear, I'll be able to settle up a small debt to Uncle Bill and look at indulging my HIKV yet again. I have also paid off the ridiculously high hospital charges that my criminally worthless HMO refused to cover from a recent surgery my wife had. Now to jump back in the tech stuff while it is still low, and maybe I'll be ordering that tarwar later in the year (though that BPR in 30-06 looks pretty sweet!).
Yeah, I never listen to all the market news, so just when they started hyping tech again, I was getting out, based on the scientific analysis of "Man, those stocks have got to be overvalued!" All my buddies were laughing at me, but they aren't laughing now!