...ah, the simple pleasures...

Old Knife Guy

Sep 19, 2000
A few months ago, my brother asked me about the Edge-Pro. I sharpened an Opinel I had laying around and sent it to him. He is not a knut; he didn't have a pocket knife, and replied that the edge was sharp and the knife fit his needs--thank you very much for the gift.
The gift? An Opinel?
Well, I didn't have one, and it started to bother me. I called Josh, but he was out. I knew Classified00 would soon start sharpening, so I ordered 2, and they hit his computer as a back-order.
I get back from Sabbath services, and there's a priority box in the mail. The return address said PVK&T--my little heart skipped a beat! Had Josh sent me a yule tide Microtech?
There in the box were the two Opinels. I started thinking about the simple fun of sharpening, watching my wife slash open a box and joking with Classified00.
What a nice surprise! These Opinels rekindled my joy of knives and knuts.
Not bad for a 'cheap' knife!--OKG

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One of the Opinels just came off of the Edge-Pro. Okay, I went a tad overboard; the edge is a tad over 17 degrees--stropped and then polished the edge with the 4000 series tapes. Then I polished the 'decorative' part of the blade with Nevr-Dull and put a touch of moly grease on the ferrule.
Sure, my wife will have it dulled in THREE days whacking open boxes and whatever else she tortures a blade with. But right now, at this moment, I'd sure like to make a fifty dollar bar bet of who's-sharper-me-or-you with this eight buck knife.--OKG
Opinels are very good knives for the price. You don't expect much, and get much more than you thought you would. that is always a pleasure.
Merry Christmas OKG. Hope you find a knife surprise in your stocking.
Don't laugh at those Opinels. They have been around long enough to gain a fine reputation.

I have 3 of them. I am not complaining. The design is simple. Its turnaround lock system makes sense and its ease of use makes it a favourite among people who opt for the simpler things in life.

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I recently vowed to start using my Opinel more. It's not fancy, but it really does work extremely well. Plus, it's just fun to use for some reason.

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Happy sharpening

I received an E-mail this morning from Classified00; he's eager to buy the second one. I took mine to the gym this morning, and a couple of the guys I work out with are knuts. They carry good stuff; natch, I showed off my Opinel. After the work-out, guess which knife dominated the conversation in the steam room...--OKG

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When knife makers went to stainless we lost a lot. I have a few old pattern type Queens that that just get so sharp so easy. Ok, we gained on corrosion restistance but I like the patina of plain carbon steel.

Roger Blake
I don't even have to post to be part of the thread.

Don't worry, Classified00, your Opinel will soon be winging it's way to you. It will make a good companion to that new Edge-Pro. My wife is wrapping last-minute presents right now, and that polished edge is still holding! I love my Opinel!--OKG
P.S. My wife and I were wondering, how do you pronounce Opinel?
I would say...
or simply call it Opie

Anyone have a pic of one of these beasts?

I gave #12 Opinels as Christmas presents. I think they make great camp knives. Slices a loaf of whole bread and tomatoes as well as a serrated. The best place to buy them on the net (that I've found) is Bayou LaFourche. I just received 5 of them for a piddlin' amount of money. Low shipping charges too.

If you want to try a real razor, get a #6. You can peel the skin off a grape with one of these. Also one of my favorites is the Opinel saw--if you are lucky to find one. I have one and am trying to get another. Rumor is that they've discontinued them but don't know for sure.

Once nice thing about knives--really good designs endure. I still enjoy slip-joint stockmans and trappers, SAKs, and Opinels. And I think they endure because they are just so damn useful!

Oh yeah, one more thing:



I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Thanks, Hoodoo. I just got an E-mail from Classified00 and he asked to see a pic. I was thinking; because of the normal routine I take with my other knives (oil, Tuf-Cloth, Nevr-Dull and cleanliness) I wonder if mine will develope that beautiful purplish-brown patina I have seen on seasoned Opinels? I know one guy got lucky and his developed circular patterns like a geode. Maybe that's the surprise!--OKG
What the heck, here's a couple more:


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Thanks for the pics!
How long before they achieve the "aged" purple color on the blade?
Depends on what you cut with them, how often you use them, and how you treat them afterwards. I have some pretty old carbon steel blades that have very little patina on them. So I guess I can't answer your question. You can accelerate the process with lemon juice and other acids but I've not tried it. Some guys have tried gun bluing but I've never tried it either. I know to remove the patina, chefs often use a moistened cork dipped in scouring powder.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Hoodoo you might check Blue Ridge Knives they have the saw in the catalog.I like to blue the blade on mine it looks cool.And I did some filework on the spine.All in all it is a great knife.
you pronounce it O- PEE- NYELL
(i think- i've had four years of french, and my friend's mom spent time there a couple of yers ago, she's fluent, and of course has one in the kitchen...)
My Opinel saved Christmas! I took my new knife to my in-laws house for Christmas--three generations, plus nieces, nephews, new babies and fiancees. We started opening presents, and some boxes had small bits of scotch tape stuck to secure closure. My mother-in-law asks for a knife--out comes the Opinel. My sister-in-law is the gourmet cook; she brings a special holiday bread which the dull knives in the house begin to make mince-meat of. My no-brother-good-in-law asks for a 'sharp knife,' to wit he deftly slices perfect portions. Grandma starts cooking and re-heating; I look over, and she's running the entire kitchen with the Opinel!
I settle back with my wife and a glass of good cheer. My LCC is still clipped to my pocket, but my Opinel has assisted over twenty hungry party-goers...--OKG