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Aitor Knives?

Oct 26, 1998
Anybody heard of or used Aitor knives before? It is being sold at a local store here and the design looked impressive. Thank you.


aitor is a spanish cutlery company that makes a good import knife. they were very visable a few years back when ads for their products could be seen in many mags. they had one model in particular which caught eye back then; it was the raid gauloise(?, can never spell those darn french names) model which was used by the race teams. priceing is very fair and the stuff looked pretty good. i have not seen too much of them for some time now...

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Hi Andy!

Aitor makes many different types of knives. The more common are of the holow-handle kind like the Jungle King I and II with come in a plastic sheath with lots of gadgets in it including a smaller knife. Aitor also produces diving-knives and pocket-knives in the style of swiss army knives. The later are in use with the spanish military.
There are a couple of gunstores here that sell military and survival type Aitors. My question is: are they quality pieces worth their price?

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I don't know prices you have seen, if you give me an example I can try to compare it with prices I saw in other country.

Generally speaking, Aitor knives are good stuff: I don't know the exact steel composition, but it is an Chromium-Vanadium -Molybdenum in some model and Carbon steel in some other (it is vey easy to find out, it is written on the blade).

It has not a very high Rockwell number, say 55-56, but it is very hard to break.

Jungle Kings have a quite weak point: the blade is fixed to the handle by a "spine" that passes the handle from side to side, near the guard.

A thougher knife is the Aitor El Montero, a knife a little heavier than Jungle King I, without the hollow handle. The shape of the blade recalls CS Vaqueros. A friend of mine has one of them and, using it when he goes hunting to chop branches or to pare game, is very satisfied.

Another interesting Spanish brand is Muela. A very big catalogue and perhaps a little better stuff than Aitor.
A friend of mine had an Aitor knife back in my high school days. It was a short little boot-knife sort of deal, and I recall him liking it. It was sold by our local surplus store as 'one of the best knives in the world, in use with the Spanish military' and similar BS...everything they carried was the 'best in the world' and in use with some armed forces unit somewhere.

But this guy beat the holy hell out of that little knife and it didn't break, and always took an edge well. Hope that helps.


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I have an Aitor bowie, bought it used from the local cutlery store. It had a couple of minor scratches, but it didn't cost much, so I bought it. I think the name of the model may be Bowie NATO, but it says only "Bowie" on the blade. They have a two other models (one large, one smaller) that are simply called bowie and mine differs from them in the sheath and handle material. I used it much yet, but I have no doubts about its dirability etc. I especially like the sheath, it's plastic with a nylon belt loop that can be attached and removed from your belt without taking the belt off.