AK 47 Bayonets

Jun 21, 2007
:D Do bayonets have a place in a survival situation? Also is there any way to turn a chisel grind to make it more functional?:D
could always carry a bayonet as a survival knife; depending on the size. I'd see nothing wrong with carrying the current issue bayonet for the m16 as a survival knife. Also, I have heard that some people will use SKS bayonets in place of tent pegs.
If your are interested, I gave a long answer to the AK bayonet question in PracTac. I would copy it here but I don't know how.
Stealthchaser, I agree. The new M16 bayonets would make a darn good field knife. A far cry from the original design issued in 'Nam.
I think a Swedish Mauser bayonet would make a good one.
You could make a cap for the hollow handle. bit of polishing and gring off some weight.
You would end up with the strongest Hollow handle knife ever. Johnny Rambo, Eat that