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AK Bowies. Pix and save $50.

Mar 5, 1999

I have a couple of AK Bowies like the one in the pix -- which is one of them. These are 15 inch, 1.5 pounds and excellently done by the kami with no name. The entire rig is 10/10 with one small problem. The scabbards are just a little tight. The fix should be an easy stretch or maybe the scabbards will readjust on their own when they get out of 100 degree 15% humidity Reno.

Because of the scabbard we'll discount these rigs fifty bucks and deliver them to your door for $125. Very good deal on a couple of very good knives.

Call or email if interested.
Uncle Bill ---I put a coating of Break Free CLP on my khuks and the tight ones work good now. The outside of dry scabbards also seem to take well with this stuff.
My mom asked me what I planned on doing with all of these knives. Between that and having spent all of my money already, I'm going to have to pass. :)

Bob the answer to that question to quote Cliff Stamp IIRC is,
"Anything I want Too." :D
I just got that HIKK from you (Expecting it to arrive today or tomorrow), so it will be another month or so before I can buy anything. If you still have one then, I will take one off your hands.
This holiday week is going to be slow, I think, but if they are still around next week I believe they will find homes.
Hello Fausto: I have your HIKK ready to ship but don't know where to ship it. I tried to email you but I guess the message didn't reach you. I had the shipboard email and another and sent to both but no reply.

Try to email me.
OK, Fausto. Got the mail and will ship today with thanks.

Nobody wants these AK Bowies. Maybe I'll have to give them away.
I'd love to have one, but "Somebody" says you already have my Khuk money through August (she just read this and mumbled something about September - time to go out for dinner again).

I've missed something. An HI Kenpo Khukuri?? Any pics available?? I tried a search, and wound up on this thread.
It is a beautifulknife and as much as I would love one I think the rest of this paycheck is reserved for paintball equiptment :)
Originally posted by Walosi
HOOOOooo BOY!!! How did I miss that one?

Bro you perchance haven't told your wife who invited you to this forum have you?
I'm beginning to worry that your sweet wife may either put or have a hex put on me.:D
What was you just saying about the khukuri budget a post or 2 ago?:)

One thing about it though, you will be the one who catches the brunt of the trouble we might or perhaps already have gotten into.:D

She knows who slinked me into this asyl...group.:rolleyes:

Her hexes are line-of-sight, tho'. Her eyes narrow, her jaw clinches, and you only have appetitie for TV dinners for two weeks (just as well, 'cause you ain't gettin' nothin' more anyhoo). I've had two-week stints TV dinners many times over the past 42 years (OMG how I hate frozen re-fried beans :barf: )
And the poor AK Bowies keep on searching. Maybe Monday. I have a notion that perhaps our favorite lurker may grab one up. I think he had the long holiday this week.