AK chest rig

Mar 3, 2008
I am getting a 74 type rifle and would like to get a chest rig for it and I know that rigs for these rifles aren't as common as they are for AR's maybe the AR pouches will fit the straighter 74 magazines. But if you know anything that will fit 74 style magazines then let me know and thank you.
Also look up Redsoldier.com, has many of the Splav/Russian Military issue chest rigs used by Spetsnaz and the like.
I like molle rigs the best. Im always moving and adjusting my pouches to find the most comfortable fit.
Have a look at SKD Tactical. They have chest rigs in just about any flavor you'd like.
I would want some thing like a chest rig. lightweight and easy to move with and breathable for our awesome summers here in Texas. So far Maxpedition has an offering that looks nice and low cost. And the other suggestions are really nice also.