AK2 camp knives, convex grind aebl stainless

Feb 14, 2013
First up is my standard ak2 in 5/32" AEBL stainless. The blade length is 4" and the over all is 9". self heat treated and tempered to 58-59 rc. The finish is smooth bead blast and polished spine. Green canvas micarta scales are laminated to toxic green and black g10 liners. All secured with brass pins and lanyard tube. Kydex sheath has a great fit and is included :) free shipping in the US. $240

Next up is a similar knife. The same specs as above but the finish is blasted and has a satin grind. Scales are green canvas on toxic green and black g10. The pins on this one are black fiberglass and a stainless lanyard tube. Kydex and shipping included $240

I didn't know that you worked with AEB-L , do you plan to make some more in this steel ? An AK2 major in stainless would be sweet!!!
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For sure. I make most of my smaller knives in aebl. I have an ak5 box cutter in it no available. I'll make my edc knife in it but I've been sellout my local that's why you haven't seen them. What model would you like to see in aebl?
Thanks for the reply. Bladeshow soaked up my toy money for a couple of months. But if you have this steel in stock fairly regularly I will shoot you an email in a couple months and see if we can work up something for an AK2 major.
I for one am just really glad to see some new stuff coming from you!! Thought you had quit making knives.
I'm still alive :) been selling a bunch of knives locally and getting ready for blade. Also building a house running a jiujitsu school and falconry business. Not bored. I've got some more bushcraft blade posting soon and some new short swords on the way.