AKTI - Customs Knife Bids (Wm Henry)

Mar 7, 2008
Buy or Bid On a Stunning William Henry Collectible
Support AKTI’s fight against U.S. Customs

Matt Conable of William Henry Knives understands the threat that U.S. Customs poses to all collectors, owners, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of folding knives. If U.S. Customs has their way, assisted-openers will be outlawed as imports. But it doesn’t stop there. Customs’ re-definition of a switchblade is so broad that all folders (even those produced domestically) are at risk, AKTI fears.

So William Henry has donated 10 one-of-a-kind folders to AKTI to help us defray huge legal and lobbying bills to carry on this fight. Each is numbered (1 of 10, and so on) and comes in its own finely crafted wood case with a medallion on the front with the ID … AKTI 2009.

Even beautiful, handmade gentlemen's folders such as these are clearly at risk from US Customs' attempt to redefine switchblades. These button lock folding knives are not switchblades. Neither are assisted-openers, traditional pocket knives and multi-tools. But you, as an owner of any of them, will be branded a criminal if Customs has its way!

Help AKTI to help you keep your folding knives. Please be generous with your bids.

Go to www.akti.org for details on how to bid on knife #1 or to buy knives # 2 - #10 outright.

Please do this today. There are only 10 knives available and lucky purchasers will be determined by time/date of first bid/promise to purchase.

Thank you.

Jan Billeb
AKTI Executive Director