AKTI Halts Hawaii, Files Texas Bills

Mar 7, 2008
AKTI Halts Hawaii, Files Texas Bills

AKTI continues to take AKTIon on behalf of millions of knife owners and their suppliers.

AKTI stopped a Hawaii threat in less than seven days. On January 22, 2009, Hawaii state Senator Ihara introduced a bill that would have banned all folding knives in the state that were capable of being carried in a pocket.

On January 27, AKTI responded with a well-documented response that clearly explained this proposal was both bad law and bad for the Hawaiian economy. When we asked members to respond to this threat, we got a huge outpouring of support for our position from such groups as the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Their concern and that of others reportedly inspired involvement from one of the state’s national senators, Senator Daniel Inouye.

On January 29 we had a response from Senator Ihara’s chief staff person that the Senator was backing away from his support and that the bill would not come out of committee. We will continue to monitor the situation but so far the Senator appears to be honoring his word.

AKTI’s Texas initiative was marked by the official filing of our two bills on March 13. Both TX S 2411 and TX H 4456 contain the same exemption language making it absolutely clear that neither one-hand openers nor assisted-openers are switchblades.

The full text of the bills can be found by going to AKTI’s website home page at … www.akti.org.

Detailed explanations are also available there. Once the Texas bills are assigned to committees, we will be back here asking for your support via letters, emails and phone calls.

In the meantime it is critical that you go to AKTI’s website and become a Grassroots Supporter. There is no charge but this is how you will be updated on the most current news about legislative hot spots. More importantly, we make it easy for you to register your concern that proposed laws threaten your rights to carry a knife for work, recreation or everyday use.

David D. Kowalski
AKTI Communications Coordinator
715-209-7389 (cell)
Apr 7, 2006
We continue to appreciate your work. It's good that lawmakers are being contacted by members -- I've contacted them several time myself. However, if it hadn't been for your work, I probably would have been unaware of key legislative proposals.

Apr 22, 2007
The Texas bills are sitting on our Governor's desk waiting to be signed.
Thanks for all the hard work from the members of AKTI.


CJ Buck

Apr 15, 1999
Here is confirmation that the Gov of Texas signed our bill focused on clear separation of Assisted openers and Switchblades.

From: Mark Seale
Subject: HB 4456
To: "David Kowalski"
Date: Sunday, June 21, 2009, 7:10 PM

Governor Perry signed HB 4456 on Thursday. It is now law effective September 1, 2009. Thanks for the opportunity to represent your group. Let me know how I can help you going forward.

There will be a few fund raising receptions here next week, including one for Dr. Deuell. If any of your members would like to participate, let me know.

Good luck with the Federal effort.