AKTI - Senate Saves Folders (10/20/09)

Mar 7, 2008
AKTI – Senate Passes H.R. 2892

(10/20/2009 … Five minutes ago)

Now you can keep and use the folding knives currently legal in your state. Thanks to the U.S. Senate, which just passed H.R. 2892 (Homeland Security Appropriations Bill for FY2010) by a vote of 79-19. The full House passed on it October 15.

The AKTI-led fight to save all folding knives still requires the president’s signature, which is expected soon.

What began with a hastily called industry meeting at the late-May Blade Show in Atlanta turned into a five-month battle to save all folders. Along the way, AKTI got support from the NRA, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and Knife Rights, as well as many AKTI members and concerned citizens across the country.

A fight to prevent Customs from redefining assisted-openers and all other folders as switchblades turned into Amendment 1447 engineered by key U.S. Senators and signed by 20 of them. Then AKTI and its allies had to go back to the House to get them to keep that language intact. Along the way, U.S. Customs actually became allies to save the language of Amendment 1447.

For the full story go to www.akti.org.

Thank you to all who made phone calls, sent letters and made financial contributions. Our legal and lobbying expenses are staggering. Because in spite of what others may be claiming, AKTI took on the major financial commitment to get this done. And we still need your contributions and membership.

David D. Kowalski
AKTI Communications Coordinator
715-209-7389 (cell)