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Oct 6, 1998
Anyone have any impressions of the American Knife and Tool Institute, the knife equivalent of the NRA. I am considering becoming a member, but their platform is fairly ambiguous. Does anyone have any good inside information or pros and cons of joining? Thanks in advance for the info.
I too am still undecided. No clear platform + No clear objective = Me not being a member, yet.

Here is a link to their website.

Here is what their mission page states.
I have yet to receive my package as promissed from them so it looks like they are struggling.

AKTI's Mission
The American Knife and Tool Institute is a non-profit organization representing the combined efforts of manufactures, importers, distributors, retailers, custom knife artisans, journalists, and concerned citizens united to educate, promote, and inform the American public about various types of knives and multi-function folding tools.

AKTI's Goals
To provide a unified voice representing the knife-making and knife-using community.

To promote the general public's awareness of the history and utility of knives as tools.

To encourage sensible knife legislation and responsible law enforcement.

To educate young people about proper saftey and the responsible use of knives

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