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Al Mar/Blackjack/Benchmade/and more

Apr 9, 2001
Going back to school sale. I've got to fund this coming semester, so I'm emptying my collection. Payment USPS Money order. All prices include shipping. First unqualified "I'll take it" post, followed by a confirmation e-mail gets the knife.

Al Mar SERE - $100

Benchmade 42A, plain edge, lightly flipped. There is one small dimple below the latch gate and a line across both sides of the latch from coming in contact with the latch gate. w/ original box & papers - SPF

FHM balisong purchased from Sniperboy back in 2001, double edge 5" blade, unflipped - $85



any chance you could ship that Gerber to an APO (currently serving in Korea)?
I have paypal if your willing to go that route, if not I understand. A money order could take up to two weeks from here. If all thats fine with you "I'll take it". I will wait to send the confirmation email until you reply. I'm also very interested in that 42 as well. Thanks, Anthony

I don't mind shipping to an APO, but I won't use Paypal. The last time I accepted payment through them they held the money for a month before releasing it to me.

Email me and we can work out the details.
Hello, Im not sure if you got my email or not?

Please contact me at my email:


I can offer you $100 (money order) for your BM42A balisong, please let me know if it is still avaliable and if it is whether or not you will accept my offer, Thanks, Ill talk to you soon!
I haven't heard from you yet, maybe your busy? But I had an unexpected bill come and I can no longer offer you anything for the 42, Im sorry...But good luck with the sale of the rest of your knives, they are nice!

That is strange. I replied to your e-mail first thing this morning. Sorry you didn't get it.

Im sorry too, Im not sure why it didn't show up? Its kind of good anyway because I needed to pay the bill I got...just a mixup and I thought I paid somethign but I didn't...Anyway I appreciate you trying to get in touch with me, just sorry we couldn't work somethgin out...Once again, good luck with the sales of your knives!
Hi, what kind of steel is the balisongblade made off ?
Is it possible to ship to Belgium, Europe ?