Al Mar Cigar clipper for a gift?

Sep 17, 2000
Hello friends,

I like knives.

I like to give knives.

My brother is not a true knife person. But, he's going to get another knife.

He does smoke cigars.

Is the manual Al Mar Clipper job decent?



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My experience is that of Moki cigar cutter, both are same as Moki supplies it to Al Mar.

The knife is small, tanto bladed UTILITY knife with its chisel ground edge on the "right" side with a decent pocket clip. But for me it didn't serve very well as a cigar cutter. The hole in the handle is on only one side. If you want to cut the cigar deeply, you have to give it some cuts. There's not extracting of the cutout, you need a toothpick for your next cut. A good cigar cutter has scissors action to pinch the part to cut, where the knife's blade and its micarta handle doesn't seem to "pinch" enough. To summerize, it's a well-made small utility knife that CAN be used as a cigar cutter in emergency.

A SAK cigar knife served me better as a cigar cutter, but it has less carriability than Al Mar's.

Hope this helps for your broader choice.

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Mizutani Satoshi