Al Mar Havana Clipper Wallpaper

Discussion in 'Chai Cutlery Forum' started by James Mattis, Sep 4, 2000.

  1. James Mattis

    James Mattis

    Oct 3, 1998
    I decided my scans of the Havana clipper on my site weren't up to my current standards, so here's an Al Mar Havana Clipper "wallpaper" - Black and White Micarta and a California-legal auto. Click on the picture for the 1024x768 picture.

    <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank> [​IMG] </A>

    These are available on my e-commerce site, and I keep a few around the office as "private reserve" in case the distributor runs low.

    My animal instincts say "If you smell smoke, head for fresh air!" so I don't know from cigar-cutting, but they're good as box-openers, money-clip knives, and maybe a tasteless and unoriginal Clinton joke or two. [​IMG]

    - JKM
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