Al Mar Hawks/Falcons?

Feb 18, 1999
I'm curious if anyone has either the Al Mar Hawk or Falcon. These are Micarta-handled lockbacks with flat-ground drop point blades of, I believe, AUS-8. They open by thumbstud, but the Hawk doesn't have a pocket clip. Are they similar to the Spyderco Calypso Jr. Micarta handled knives, only thinner? How do they perform, and how solid do they seem? Jim
Al Mar knives, at leastthe ones manu. before his death are a high quality production piece of gear.I used to collect them because of the quality.The eagle,falcon and hawk are good examples of his blades.


have a"knife"day
I had the Hawk...real nice knife...very solid feeling and fit the hand well. Rode in the pocket well. Held an edge pretty well when only used for light cutting chores. When used for heavy cutting it seemed to lose the edge fairly quickly. I carry a Calypso Jr. now and like it much better. Cuts the same as the Hawk but the edge seems to last longer. The quality of both knives is outstanding.
I carried one of his larger Eagle folders for years, and still have a Hawk with a blade button and wood scales. Its not quite as heavy built as the old models with the bolsters and micarta scales, but it still is a nice, trim knife, and holds up well to lots of use, even if they do have to have the edges touched up more often.

The ones to look for are the few that were made, usually with ivory micarta scales, that also had flat ground ATS34 blades. They are very nicely made, and the steel is right up there to modern standards.