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Al Mar knife question

Oct 12, 1998
I have bought an Al Mar desert storm commemorative knife a couple of years ago and on the back of the blade is an arabic inscription/etching and I would like to know what it means.
The knife looks like an oversized presentation grade Ka Bar knife with a persian influence. The handle is made of brown leather like on a Ka Bar and the blade is beautifully satin finished.
I can only make out the year 1991 of the arabic text. on the "front" of the blade it says: middle east war, 16-jan-1991, operation DESERT STORM.
I hope that someone can help me to decipher the arabic text.
I had one of those.
I always assumed that the Arabic inscription on the reverse was a translation of the English text on the obverse side.

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It could be a rough translation, but I don't think it's an exact translation. Since arabic and western numbers are the same in writing, I can only make out the number 1991 and no other number such as 16 for the date on the other side of the blade. The search continues..........
If you are a university student, check with your Languages department. Here in the states, many, if not most, colleges and universities have someone who speaks/reads Arabic on staff, or access to someone who does.

Hope this helps.

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Actually I am a university student, but I used to be a little reluctant taking a big shiny sharp blade to 'school' and asking If anyone knows what it says on that?

Well, maybe I should do that but first set up a meeting before taking the knife with me.
Thanks for the replies!