Al Mar knife value question

Mar 19, 1999
A friend of mine has an Al Mar knife he found about 10 years ago so it's at least that old. It's very thin and light weight. It has a 3" spike blade. It has what looks like walnut or old desert ironwood scales with brass liners. It's a midlock. It has 3 nickel or stainless pins along the spine. The pivot looks like a Loveless style rivet. The blade must be a hard stainless steel. He said he hasn't done anything to clean it since he found it. I took it and cleaned it up and there was no pitting or rust on the blade, yet it wasn't really easy to sharpen. My guess would be 440C. It says Al Mar and has the red squared figurines on the blade. He said he found it in a sheath but I didn't see the sheath.
Any information such as the model name, what's the blade steel, or current value would be greatly appreciated.

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Geez.......not a great description.
but AMK was using a range of steels then.
I have AMK knives around that age that had ATS34 and AUS6 (AM6) blades: quite a wide range of quality.
What do you regard as a "spike blade" ?

If it has not been well (or consciously) maintained over the past 10 years and is not pitted, is , possibly, a high chromium and low carbon steel. Not particularly hard but rust resistant.
Just some guesses.

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The model your friend has is an Almar Falcon with Titanwood scales. The model number is AM-1003TW. The blade steel is 6A. Retail price from a 1998 source is $89.50.
I hope this is of some use.