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Al Mar Sere 2000 or Spyderco Manix

Sep 5, 2003
Any thoughts on the Sere 2000 or the mini-manix 1 vs. the other? To be used as an EDC carry?
I've heard alot of good things about the Manix.The SERE2K is a hefty,built like a tank knife with great fit and finish from personal experience.If I were you,I would get both and see which you like.You may send one back,send both back or just be like almost everyone on this forum and keep them both.

Sorry, my original post thought this was comparing the Manix to the SERE 2000. I see you are asking about the mini-manix. I'd personally go with the mini-manix. The blade will slice through things better, s30v may hold an edge a bit better than the SERE's VG-10, the lock will be stronger on the mini-manix. I also prefer the Spyderco opening hole over the thumb studs that come on the SERE.
I already own a SERE 2K:) If you get a chance, try to pick up both before making a decision. If I didn't own my SERE, which I've had over a year or so, I probably would still get the SERE, but that's me. It would be a tough, judgmental call call in any event. Both have excellent fit and finish. For me, I have med small hands (cadet in golf terms:) ) and the Manix was simply too big. Mini-Manix was just big:D In saying that, they both feel different in the hands, as well. The SERE is heavier in the handle, in one sense, the handle almost over powers the blade, but that weight allows the blade to be managed quite quickly and allows for a lot versatility. The Manix/Mini Manix has the choil, so it's actually balanced much more evenly, if you like that even, balanced feeling. If you require precision cutting in a BIG knife, this one would allow that much easier than the SERE, IMHO. I think the Mini Manix would be easier to EDC, but that's me. I probably would simply keep it in my Maxpedition. They are both too large for me to carry on me. I tend to carry multiple smaller folders - just better for what I do. MPE made a good point - a SERE 2K and a Mini-Manix would be a good pairing:D I haven't quite mentally justified a Manix/Mini-Manix yet, so I'm not sure that I would own one. I simply don't use my larger folders all that much.

Hope this helps - gord
I have the SERE 2000 and the full sized Manix. To me, they are very dissimiliar knives and hard to compare objectively. Different blade designs, different opening systems, different locking systems, differnet design opjectives. For example, the SERE was originally designed for downed pilots (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SERE) so it is more tactical in nature. It's a better "thruster" but the Manix is a better "slicer". It all depends on what you are looking for. They are both great knives and I wouldn't part with either one. I like MPE's suggestion, get them both...:thumbup:

Resurrecting this thread because I have an S2K and I'm thinking about picking up a Manix. I've read a bunch of threads and people seem to like the Manix because it fits their big hands well. I happen to have relatively small hands so I tend to like the smaller knives like my Calypso Jr. However, like I said, I also have the S2K (which I love), and I find that the handle fits me quite well. I'm wondering how the Manix compares in handle size, particularly thickness.