Al Mar SERE 2000

Feb 26, 1999

I wanted to know if anyone has gotten their hands on/ conducted any tests of the new Al Mar SERE 2000.
I owned a SERE II a few years back and remember it performing fairly well in the field.
Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. May it go well with you all.

Out Here, Dens
I have been trying to get some info myself. I talked to Peter at Fallkniven and he played with one at the SHOT-show. He thought it looked promising.
For some strange reason nobody here at BF seems to care about Al Mar. I have allways loved them and I have a SERE/Attack and a Denali that I use allmost daily. I have a Sportsman and Passport on order (found them for a give-away price at a dealer). I think many forumites would be surprised if they knew what kind of quality and "usability" that are incorporated in these knives. But as I said; just because they don´t contain any G-10 or titanium, no-one seems to care...
I think that Al Mar does not have a high enough profile and one never knows what is going on.

What is the story, are they offering all their models? Only folders? There are so many questions it becomes hard to focus your attention on their knives.

Thank you,
Marion David Poff aka Eye, Cd'A ID, USA

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