AL-Mar SERE 2000


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Dec 8, 1999
Has anyone tried this new folder? Jeff Randall said it was the best folder he had tried.He runs the survival school and reviews knives for Tactial knives.

I have one. Number 194 of 200. First Production Run. (big deal)

So far, all systems are go.
The knife, (mine anyway), seems to be well made and the fit is good. No blade play in any direction. Locks up solid. The liner is pretty thick and locks where it is supposed to. Passes a spine whack test with no problemo.
Opens with ease and the VG10 blade is evenly ground and satin finished.
The knife is a little thicker overall than my 710 Axis. It has two steel liners and nicely textured G-10 scales over'em. The scales have been beveled and make the knife easy to hold and use.
The clip is mounted for tip up carry and the clip is screwed on at the end of the knife for a REALLY low pocket carry. This would have worked out well if only they made the clip in BLACK instead of nearly mirror polished! DOH!!

The double thumb studs are easy to use. They are a bit hard to describe. Suffice it to say, they look like the top of the posts on a four poster bed.
The thing cuts well enough for the little chores. I haven't had it long enough to do any real cutting tests on it yet, so that'll have to wait.
Hope this helps!

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Does anybody else have one? What do you think? Does anyone have a pic?

Dennis Bible
go back to 23 June this year(I don't want to re write all that)I was playing with my new s.e.r.e. 2000