Al Mar Sere II Combat Series Folders

Sep 29, 2000
A.G. Russell ( has been selling these (I believe older model) knives with Neoprene handles and Special Forces logos. Does any body have any experience with these folders? There isn't any information as to the blade steel in the ad for the knife; anyone have a clue as to this?
I've got one in my collection. These are no longer produced so I dont use mine.

The knife feels very comfortable. It doesn't have a clip and it doesn't have a thumb stud or disc. Don't hold me to it but I believe the steel is AUS-6.

Dennis Bible
I had one of the larger SERE Attack models with neoprene. The only problem that I had was the grips would peel off the brass liners very easily. I called Gary at Al Mar and he said to just put a good quality epoxy on it. Which I did. It held OK but still had problems with other sections seperating. Eventualy sold it.