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Al Mar

Jul 26, 1999
Anyone know if Al Mar has a web site? In addition to their knives I am interested in a jacket they used to make called the "Tac-Jacket". Seems as though the company has had some problems since the death of its
founder. Does anyone know it if they are still making the tac jacket? It was one sweet concelment jacket and very popular at one time. Any info would be apprecited. Thanks.
I had read on here somewhere (SEARCH)
that Al Mar which is now run by his wife and daughter that shippments of knives has just about stopped. Try the links here for dealers that still have Mar products and you might luck out with the jacket.I know toolshop.com or something similar which is a German site has alot of Mar knives still for sale not sure about clothing accsesories though.
Post to rec. knives. There is a dealer that reads it who has a lot of ALMar. I'm sure he'll answer you. As for the jacket there is a possibility that there may soon be something like it on the market soon. My company has been contacted on doing the cut and sew for somebody that wants to make one. We've had 2 different people talk to us in the past with similar ideas. This one looks like it might actually get into production.
When did Al Mar die?

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Al Mar died over 5 years ago..and as far as i heard the company changed hands few times and no longer in his family ownership.
he was the front runner of the current fighting blades and they were classy it is a shame the company is reduced to cigar cutters and not much else.
Are we talking about the same Almar?
There are a lot if nice Almar knives.
We are are all talking about Al Mar. The ultralight line is still available and is very nice. Somewhat pricey but nice. The Tool Shop or something like that has a lot of Al Mar stuff that is not avialable elsewhere but it is overseas. They are on the web but I do not have the address.
An interesting little note is that Al Mar designed the mid-locking mechanism for the Spyderco lockbacks. This same mechanism design is also seen on the Cold Steel, SOG, Outdoor Edge, etc., lockbacks.
Al Mar is considered the father of the specialty knife companies. He helped most of the new guys.

Al Mar (& Harvey McBurnette) designed the lock for the Clipit folding knives and helped me get into the knife business. He was also always there for advice whenever any of us needed it. He set the quality standard that Spyderco still follows.

He was a great man and it is a shame to have lost him at such a young age (53).

He was one of the very few that I know that would share knowledge with the competition (in the Guild tradition).