all cashed up, no where to go

Dec 24, 2005
i'm just after a copple of sugestions for me new EDC folder :) (its gunna get canned :rolleyes: )

about $200 to $350 AU - bang for your buck, it adds up to maby half that in the USA ..... ie benchmade ..... love the quality but nuthing i fell in love with:mad: .....

i'm looking for a 3 to 4 inch (will go as small as 2.5 inch maby? ) folder , standard liner lock would be real nice .

sheeps foot blade

no compisite materials on the handle ( would do a little?) - i would realy like a nice dark hard wood but its not that common these days .... or maby some aluminum/ titanium..... yep i looked at spiderco's atlantic salt .... but if any one can beat that i'd be realy glad

All that and i'm down in Australia...... any sugestions would be great