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All knife owners PLEASE READ this.

Jun 21, 1999
Ok, here goes, of all the knives that you have personally owned, which one or ones, are you the most embarassed for people to know that you own? You know the one that I am talking about.....the one that your friends see and comment on and you merely say"oh thats NOT mine, it's my..ummm...my brother's".
Don't be shy lets hear it.
Mine is a copy of a PUMA lockback, that I found lying in the middle of the road!

There are no bad knives -- just knives with varying degrees of functionality. I will, of course, make exceptions for knives that aren't safe for whatever mechanical reasons, but on the whole, I'm ashamed of nothing I own.


AKTI #A000845
And tomorrow when you wake up it will be worse.
It was a taiwan special with a spoon and fork on it. Rusted like crazy. Food didn't taste very good with it either. I threw the clunker into the river.
That would have had to be the $3 knockoff SAK I picked up in Panama that fell apart when I tried to open a beer.
I don't really know anyone well enough to discuss this interest with them. I rarely show a knife in public unless there is a very good reason. At my daughter's wedding in May, 1999, I helped her cut a small hole in her glove so she could get her ring finger out. Those who saw my knife were shocked.
Well let me see, it would have to be a cheap little penknife that I used to carry before I knew any better. I lost on a camping trip a few years back.
An old Gerber Guardian I picked up at a garge sale. Nice enough except that the blade is Majorly scratched up. Not up to snuff, as it were.

Mine is a $3 harpy knockoff.Bought it for 1 purpose,to cut rope away from the prop of our boat.If you`ve ever run over tow lines,you know what I mean.I had lost a good knife doing it before and if this one sinks to the bottom I won`t feel so bad.

AKTI# A000150
A Chinese lockback that I got free for ordering a trail issue of some outdoors magazine. Kept the knife, didn't get a subscription to the magazine.


Mike Melone
"One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them." --Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1796