All This Talk About Expensive INFI

Mar 18, 2006
Enough already about the expense of INFI! Compared to what? A lesser blade? There is no direct comparison except to another Busse. I weighed a BATac at 14.5oz for which I paid about $300 from BCS = $320/lb or so.

Another one of my hobbies is fly fishing. My favorite Winston rod weighs 2.5oz and it was $350+ or $2100/lb more or less several years ago. The Ross reel at 4oz and $220 is close to $1000/lb.

A carton of cigarettes runs about $100/lb, goes up in smoke, and lasts about a week.

Enough already.:D:D Regards, ss.
Mar 21, 2007
"A carton of cigarettes runs about $100/lb, goes up in smoke, and lasts about a week."

So leme get this stright. I'll I start smoking. Then, I'll quite. And as a reward for my good behavior of quiting smoking, I'll buy myself a new Busse with the money I save. At that rate I should be able to reward myself about once a month or so.
Who knew that smoking could be so rewarding?;)
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Mar 10, 2002
you get what you pay for, plus you get to drink koolaid with us :D :thumbup: :cool: :cool:



Sep 2, 2005
Not having the time or money to be Cliff Stamp or Noss, I have to rely on what I've been able to learn through studying steel and heat treating and the efforts of others. To my mind there are only 2 knives that stand a chance of equalling or bettering INFI- Friction forged D2 or Ed Fowler's process on 52100. I don't know enough about DiamondBlades to speak to their knives, but Ed's knives go for about $2300, and even his protege's knives are going for $1300!

I'm sorry, what was this thread about?


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Aug 27, 2006
My biggest contrast is ganja.....I used to smoke a lot when I was younger :p good pot is is anywhere between $300-$400 AN OUNCE!!! Depending on the strain and quality (in regards to the highest grade stuff. So you can imagine an LB. AT LEAST $3600 (as with anything, bulk is always cheaper).

So in contrast, INFI is very cheap. So I don't feel bad because they only thing that pot gets you is resin coated lungs and a belly.....INFI kinda keeps you active because you use outdoor knives in the OUT DOORS :p so you're active when packing your Busse's around or at least working your arm on some 2/4's :D

High performance customs cost the same or more and don't hold up as well in many cases and aren't the "jack of all" as INFI is. Plus you can't hate on that warranty or the great people that run Busse Co