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All topics, eh?

Feb 13, 1999
The name of this specific forum is "All topics open for discussion!", right? So, have any of you actually gotten Cisco Certified? The CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) seems to be pretty tough. Something like a 2 hour 100 question exam and a 2 DAY Lab test where you do some setup stuff... What I am asking about is the resources for studying. It seems like it would be necessary to buy your own Cisco router just to learn how to use it for the lab part. (That is if you don't have one at your job, which is my case.) Cisco routers are really expensive so that would not be very possible. If any of you know of a good book to study for the written part, that would help too. Some of those are up around $80 so I'd rather not waste money on something that doesn't even cut (this is on a knife oriented forum after all). I'd rather not take one of those certification classes because many of those are rip-offs and you really don't learn the stuff. Know of any easy/cheap/used methods that work well?

(I know this isn't about knives but there have been posts about where people live and random stuff like that so I thought, "what the hell...")
Screw it...why don't you just go for your MCSE or CNE??? Unless you already have it, or you are going for the hardware side of it. -AR

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I already have the MCSE and CNE doesn't matter where I am. Nobody nearby uses any Netware stuff at all. Nobody even uses Caldera for their linux stuff. They avoid netware altogether. I was even looking at more MCSE tests to take even though I already had it. I got the MCSE+Internet but that didn't get me a pay increase. Cheap employers suck.

(Bet you didn't expect a reply so quickly, I am bored)
Nope, I sure didn't. Hey, what in the hell is that website you posted in your profile anyway??? That's F'ing crazy. -AR

P.S. Check out my webpage. http://www.angelfire.com/ar/Jackal/index.html

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It is a really messed up page. I do all the shockwave for it. You probably don't want to go there unless you are already pretty messed up. It is way not done yet. That is a pretty old version of the menu and I just finished the contacts page but that hasn't gone up yet.

Cisco certification is usually done through the company you work for. They put up the resources (money and hardware) and let you have the time necessary to prepare yourself. The certification is pretty tough - one of our senior systems administrators is going through the certification training right now. He tells me it is a lot of study (months) with different levels of certification, depending on what you are doing on the job. I've glanced at some of the training material. It's engineer oriented and no cake walk.

If you're not job connected, all I can do is wish you well - tough way to go. Hope you find some good connections to help you get there.

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Aah, fellow MCSE's interested in knives!!!
I have recently finished an Education in networking and such stuff. I am MCP+Internet, MCSE and CNA. Perhaps there are some more certified knifoholics lurking???
Eeh, by the way, whats the salary for an MCSE in the States? guess it varies quite much, but I am a little curious. If the wages are good, maybe I'll come by and earn some more money to spend on knives

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Okay, the joke's over. Unocide, you're right about the evident ambiguity in the phrase, "All topics open for discussion". Notice, however, that this is still the "Blade Discussion Forum". I'm not your mommy (Spark is your mommy), but please think about what would happen if everybody got in the habit of posting irrelevant material in these forums. You wouldn't be able to find the knife topics amidst all the clutter. There is a separate forum dedicated to off-topic posts; it's called the "Community Center".

Please consider this a friendly reminder. But you knew better all along. How can you stand to live with yourself?

David Rock
Since I am the only one that does it now, it is OK... when others start to as well, something will probably be done. Because I am special for posting a totally irrelevant thing first, there shouldn't be any problems. It's just when people start copying. hehe.
MCSE's start at 70,000 a year out of college, now they start here to see if they are a "paper MCSE" or on with experience. There are many classes that just get a copy of the questions and tell you the EXACT answers. This is a "Paper MCSE". they get hired and then fired pertty quickly. What most companies look for now is experience as well as the MCSE or CNE. The thing with CISCO's test is that you can't really be a "paper ccie" because of the nature of the lab portion of the test. A very good idea if you ask me.
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I'm workin' on starting my MCSE training this June / July. Can't wait. Then I can buy all Elishewitz's knives.
As of right now I have 7 Compaq certs. and 40 hrs. training on NT4.0 Server / Workstation. Along with 3 yrs. experience. With Novell and MS.
- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

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