Alright already.... I ordered the knife!

Dec 3, 2000
The BM 330-12/00 December KOTM is enroute via UPS as I type! I ordered it today and I feel totally happy with my decision. I should have it on Monday. And if my Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love doesn't like this knife - I'll keep it for myself for the start of MY collection. But, being the sentimental and romantic guy that he is - he would NEVER give it back to me. So, it's a done deal.

But geez, you guys sure are tough and don't cut me much slack. But I guess it's good that you did what you did. Otherwise, my HHBL would not being getting the totally cool Christmas present he is getting. And he sure will be surprised!

So are you happy now? I am! I don't know if I am going to buy him any more knives. I think that the knives I am going to buy will be for me. Well.... maybe I'll buy him another one sometime.


Merry Christmas Judy!

If you are Totally Happy, Totally Judy, I am Totally Esctatic. Totally!

I Told you it would be OK

You should print out all the threads you have been involved with here and give them to your beloved along with the knife (good choice) as Proof positive of your devotion and dedication to finding him the Puurfect Blade just because you Love him. Hopefully, he will be able to ignore the fact that you rather publically asked for help from 8500 men and at least 3 women, all at the same time.

If nothing else, he should find it interesting reading...

Paracelsus, dirty old man
Totally Awesome Idea, Paracelsus! I will definitely print out all the posts and have it nicely bound and give it to him with his new knife!

But do you honestly think he will be surprised to find out that I asked advice from 8500 men just so I could get him the perfect Christmas gift? I doubt it. When it comes to men........he knows what a flirt I am and also that I have fantasies about the welder at work. And he is a total flirt himself.

But I did insist on one rule: No sharing. I don't share so he has to be a true blue odie. And he says I can do anything I want if it makes me happy - he just doesn't want to ever know about it. He SAYS that.... but I know he doesn't really mean it! So we both know we flirt and eyeball........ but the lines are drawn!

8500 men....... I like that!

He is one lucky guy!
So, what can we goad you into buying next? Maybe something from Spyderco, or maybe CRK&T, or Cold Steel, or.......



Trust no one...

I have read some of your "quest" posts. You have done your homework. I am willing to bet that next Christmas, you will be spending twice as much without so much as even a second thought! (Maybe a Sebenza???)

Merry Christmas,

He who has smelt the smoke is never free again...
He is definately one lucky guy.

Dennis Bible

You have done a good thing. Every man needs a good knife to go along with a good thoughtful woman who would give him such a useful gift.
You should talk to my wife, maybe you could convince her how much I need that Himalayn Imports Khukuri I have been eyeballing.
Congrats on your decision Judy! Your beloved will be beaming, I'm sure, when he opens up his gift. And for Valentines Day, you can buy him a Sharpmaker 204 to keep the thing sharp!


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Geez Judy,

And all this time I thought you were watching me cuz you were impressed with my welding skills. Well well well. This years company Xmas party should be interesting now that this little secret is out of the bag.

See ya at the punch bowl, baby.

Oh, and excellent choice on the knife, BTW.
Judy, You made a great decision, and I'm happy if you're happy. I'm not happy about what you did to my rendition of T'Was The night Before Christmas, however. LOL

Happiest of Holidays to you and that lucky guy!
Congrats Judy!!!!!

You did it!!!!!

Good choice. It sounded like you had definately honed (excuse the knife pun) in on the BM330 yesterday.
I'm glad that you are able to make it work out for Xmas. And I'm sure that your "HHBL" will just love this knife.

Merry Xmas to you and your man and keep us posted on his reaction.
I'm sure that I speak for many here on this..........We can't wait!!!

--The Raptor--
I love it!

You're totally total in your totalness. Totally!
Originally posted by sgtmike88:
Judy, You made a great decision, and I'm happy if you're happy. I'm not happy about what you did to my rendition of T'Was The night Before Christmas, however. LOL

And what exactly did I do to your rendition of T'Was The Night Before Christmas? I thought my part was rather nice......
Thanks to everyone of you KnifeKnuts who has helped me with entire Christmas Knife ordeal! I am pleased with my choice, and my HHBL has no choice but to be pleased also. How could he KNOT be? I will try to get a picture of him and his knife to share with you.

This has been great. But, as many of you have said.... it is just the first of many knife quests for me and my guy. can't get rid of me and you're stuck. Deal with it!

totally judy
We totally wouldn't dream of getting rid of you. Welcome on board.



Trust no one...
If your HHBL doesn't like it Judy, let us know in a post. That will be the first BladeForums post that is not only posted to by some 8500 members, but containing nothing but marriage proposals!!

Judy: Let your HHBL open that present up FIRST, that way he can use it to cut the ribbons and such on all of the other gifts! I once got a present in my locker on my b-day when I was in highschool. My locker was all tied up inside with string. I unraveled all of the string and then opened the box to discover a knife inside! I did things backwards! Make sure your HHBL does it the right way

"Come What May..."