Alternate Kershaw Boa carry

Jan 25, 2001
As I've mentioned in the past, I removed the pocket clip on my Boa because in-pocket carry was sawing holes in my jeans.

I was using an Elishewitz kangaroo pouch (large, but small works too), but decided I didn't like that much either.

Just realized my old Gerber multi-tool case is a perfect fit. Haven't carried it that way, but I think it's going to work very well.

And if you aren't entirely happy with that arrangement...

I had Mike Sastre make me a concealex sheath for my Boa. I normally carry it inverted on the right side of my belt, but the sheath can be adjusted for almost any carry mode, including around-the-neck.

I have found that with a little practice I can draw and deploy my Boa from the inverted belt carry in about the same time as my Emerson Commander from right pocket carry. The Wave is definitely faster to open, but my slightly quicker draw out of the sheath just makes up for that.

--Bob Q