Aluminum Handle Question, specifically Speed-Tech Jim O'Young and anyone else?

Oct 8, 1998
How well is the coating/color/designs on the sides of Speed-Tech knives going to last?

Does anyone have long term data on this?

Any other knives with similar coatings that we know about?

I have seen BM peices that were pretty bad, and mainly form pocket carry.

I ask, because if I buy one, I am going to carry it.

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Check out my review of the Kasper AFCK, thougths on the AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

I have an old BM Spike which I carried every day for over a year clipped to the top of my hip pocket. The black is slightly worn along the hard edge. You have to look pretty hard to see the wear. The year was mostly construction site. Red handle on BM Leodard Cub carried occasionally for about five years
shows no wear that I can see.

I would assume that Speedtech finish is as good or better.

The saving grace may be my hip pocket carry, nothing in pocket but knife. If carry in front pocket with a key ring and a pocket full of change it would most likely look much worse.


Our aluminum handle coating is type 3 hard anodize, the most wear resistant grade available. This plating yields both a surface buildup and substrate penetration. The multi color, "CA Camo" designs are accomplished by a mask and plate version of this process, with a separate plating operation for each color.

We have found this to be a pretty robust finish with the only real wear areas being sharp edges and corners where the plating penetration is by nature, very shallow. Our handle has been designed to minimize these areas.

Knives are tools which are meant to be carried & used and any handle coating will eventually scratch & wear, giving the knife its "character & personality". You can however, take precautionary measures to minimize it by not dropping it on the sidewalk or per MNH, not carrying it in the same pocket as your keyring.

Hope this answers your questions.

Stay sharp!


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