Always getting a grind Mark 2 in from...

Apr 17, 2018
Hey everyone. I always end up with a grind Mark exactly 2 in, the width of the belt, from the plunge line. I guess while trying to grind a straight Plunge at the thickest part of the blade I always end up gouging on the opposite side of the belt 2in up my blade. Help !!!!
it's driving me crazy. How do I keep from doing it and still end up with a good deep straight plunge line?
What I do to avoid that is to use a file to rough in my plunge line, then once that is done I grind the rest of the knife and kinda “sneak up” on the plunge.

Th reason you get a gouge at the two inch line is because you are spending too much time at the plunge. Get in and get out, use more pressure at the plunge end than at the tip, while trying to refine the plunge.

Here are two videos about plunge lines from Walter Sorrells. He knows his stuff.

Good video above. Use equal pressure on both sides. Don't dwell at the plunge. Fluid movements
You are not suppose to be making full contact across the blade when working the plunge.

As you work into the plunge you should move the other side of the blade a couple of hairs off of the belt . Keeping it flat and having contact on the entire blade is what is giving you that mark.

You should only be in contact with the lateral edge of the belt when grinding a plunge, do not dwell there to long. Peck at it until it is established and then you can make full contact again and blend in the grind to the plunge.
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With 3 belt grinders running and grinding flats, hollows, and convex, when I want one
"dead flat" no 2 inch marks or such I finish the grind on a disc. Problem solved.