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Am I being too picky?

Oct 23, 2000
I just received my first 'expensive' knife, (which for me starts at $100) and found a few flaws. It's a Myerchin fixed blade with wht micarta handle. I love the heft and balance, it fits my hand almost perfectly.

The problem I had was when stuffing some cord through the lanyard hole, the little metal tube that lines it came out. When I popped it back in a small crescent flaked off the edge of the tube.

Now the rough edge is fraying the cord ever so slightly -thinking of popping it out again and just sanding it.

The nylon retaining strap on the sheath really gets in the way of putting the knife back in. Any ideas on something other than a new sheath to fix that problem?

Send it back and get a new one!

I delt with myerchin when I was manager of a knife shop and he would do you right.

That is a defect and will be replaced.

don't even try to fix it your self.

at a 100 bucks i'd send it back if i were you!.....thats unacceptable it a 100 dollar folder, id expect that from china or the p word, but not that!
Thanks for the advice. What I probably would have done was like I said -fix it and go on.

I honestly never even thought of sending it back because it seemed so minor/fixable, but both of you are right.

Hey Sender...

I also say send it back..
Then send it to me,, I'll fix your Sheath problem for you!

Any questions,, feel free to drop me a note..

ttyle Eric...

On/Scene Tactical
Leading The Way In Quality Synthetic Sheathing
Normark definatley makes one of the best shetahs out there. I would be sure and send it to him after I got a replacement.

Dennis Bible