Am I the only one who reads?

I too enjoy reading his articles. While I haven't read this one in particular, I have read several very good articles authored by his hand.

Keep up the good work,
Yes you are.....the rest of us just look at the pitchers!!!!!


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Which publication and isssue the the article in?

I'll read it as I am a fan of Camillus knives.

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I may have missed it, but our own Dexter Ewing has a nice two part article in Knife Illustrated on Camillus Knives and I haven't seen mention it.
Well done sir!


No, I buy it for the articles. Wait, that's some other magazine.
Oh well. Pretty pictures in each.
The second half just came out in the April edition. The first segment was in the last issue. By the way, the best part of being a photographer is that I can tell my wife I buy magazines just look at the pictures. After all I have to keep up with everyone else is doing.

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Just got our issue in the mail the other day. Haven't gotten around to reading it. I'm a big fan of Camilius, I have more of them the any other brand, as far as traditional knives go. We have 6 counting our Western, and Remingtons. Great knives!
I saw the article too, but I really cannot stand the guy who wrote it

Thanks for all the kind words! I especially have to thank Mr. Hoffman for the excellent lenswork he did for the article, no doubt made it look even better on print.

This is the same article that appears on the Camillus website ( ) under the "History" heading. KI just split it in half and ran the last part first and the history stuff last. And I did change around the descriptions for the current Camillus offerings to reflect a the newer stuff like the Talon, EDC, Becker, etc. Overall, its the most research intensive article I have done to date and I'm very pleased with the way it all turned out.

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Terrill, you have some fantastic knife photographs!

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