Amateur review of the REKAT Carnivour

I just tried to access the review and it couldn't be found.

Dennis Bible
Your link is not working any more, but I was able to find your review. Looks like you changed the name of your page from carnivour.html to Carn1.html. Anyways, thanks for the great review.


shootist16 here is the link

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thank goodness. whenever someone asks me about the Carnivore, I refer them to this review. Definately one of the most thorough I have seen.

Dennis Bible
Awesome review, SB. This is better than most I have seen. Thanks for taking the time to really educat people. I am in the middle of reading it right now.

Hehe. Like I said, I have to keep cleaning it. My site has a fresh, new format now that I think improves the organization, navigation, even aesthetics and friendliness of the site. Strictly from the design perspective, it is not good to present too much information at once to readers. Supposedly, it forces the reader to work too hard trying to keep track of all the information. With a long review like that one, the recommendation is to break it down into several pages of sub-topics. And that's what I did.

I am curious though. What do YOU folks think of the new format? Do you think I should keep it as one long review? Or was it actually better to break it up into several pages?

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I like the new format. It does seem alot cleaner. I also enjoyed the strategy site that you have a link to.

I, for one, am really looking forward to some more reviews.

Dennis Bible
where is the review? I wanted to read it again. One of the best reviews I have read bar none.

Dennis Bible
Wow, Shootist. I really am flattered, but I'm beginning to think your attachment to this review might be unhealthy.

My admin found a new job and has moved (along with his server). That's why I had to move my website as well. He told me he would link the old site to the new one, but I guess he hasn't had the chance to do it yet.

Anyway, thanks for updating the link for me.