Ambidexterous grip gripes

Jan 9, 1999
Perhaps the most annoying thing I've found about knife companies (particularly one-handed knife producers) is that they really don't take lefties into account. There are exceptions, of course--EDI's Genesis and Spyderco's Endura--but for most intents and purposes, there aren't many left-handed knives I've seen.

There are one-handed folders with studs on both sides of the knife, but there's often a non-moveable/removable clip in the way that makes opening awkward at best.

Does anyone else have this problem, or is it all just in my head?
And are there any knives that I should look at, bearing in mind that a moveable clip is a good thing?
I have the same problem.If your looking for a good knife try out the BM Axis , it is truly ambidexterous. I mainly collect knives but will not really buy something unless I could use it if neccessary.I think thats the biggest reason why I collect alot of autos.They are easy to use with either hand.I was really thinking about a new MT Hawk but if you look at the handle it is definitely a right hand peoplr only knife.Unfortunatley there are not enough lefties around to Make the companies produce left handed knives. Maybe someday........