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American Knife Co. Germany

Discussion in 'American Knife & Tool Institute' started by O'Hunter, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. O'Hunter


    Jul 8, 2003
    I have had a "Sabre Solingen 142" made in Germany by the American Knife Co. since I was a kid. I don't know what it's worth. The fixed blade is a clip point design, has a medium belly 5 & 3/8" long, is non-serrated, and appears to have a decent amount of chromium as it has shown little rust over the years and cleans up well. The blade is set in the handle another 3 & 3/8". The aluminum-alloy looking handle frame has an angled & slightly rounded downward pommel with stag horn (looking) inserts mounted via rivet-like set pins resulting in a "hunter's knife" look. A curved tang is projected downward from the front of the handle but not upward. Is this enough information to provide me with an approximate worth? I imagine this is basically an inexpensive knife, but I would like to know anyway. I went to the American Knife Co. website, but it does not let me access anything other than viewing one or two of their products, none of which look like mine; nor do they indicate how I might contact them. Further, they do not say if they are located in Germany.

    Your help in this matter would be appreciated. Thank you. Tom Ansberry, [email protected]
  2. CJ Buck

    CJ Buck Moderator Moderator

    Apr 15, 1999
    It is not enough information for me to give any answers to you.

    My advice is to look through the other forums and post there (you may have already done so...)

    Sorry not more help

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