American made throwing knives ?

Thomas Stuckey, Angel Fire Knives, found on ETSY aka AngelfireknivesStore), makes a variety of knives, including throwers. He's mainly into non-throwers lately, but he'll make anything you want as he can work it into his production. Currently living in the Bryan/College Station TX area.

I have sets of 3 types of his throwers and have used them in competition throwing for 12 or 13 years. A set of bowies, a set of rotation throwers (talons) and a set of nospin/antispins - can't remember the model name).

I also have a few of the older Tru-Balance throwers that Bobby Branton still makes. Bobby makes good knives.

Kabar has a couple of throwers. Not so sold on the smaller, cheaper model 1121 (too many holes/stress points) but I like the Thunderhorse, model 1120. I've added leather slabs for handles to make them legal for Mountain Man style throws.
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