Jun 1, 2006
I want to buy an American knife, so thats why i was thinking of buying a Camillus kife. I was looking at possibly buying a Blaze. Yes, I am aware of the current situation at the factory, but i also read somewhere that the Heats, Blazes, and Sizzlers were made in Taiwan, is this true?
Camillus will no-longer be handling the Robo Assist knives (Heats, Blazes, and Sizzlers) . After they sell out of their stock thats it. I believe the Robo Knife line is beeing picked up by another Knife Co.
How about the Dominator? That's USA made, correct? I recently picked one up mint in box on ebay and it blew me away. I like it better than my Benchmade Mini-Skirmish.
I think i read somehwere that it says on the blade where it is made so check there, but I am not sure.

Also, does anyone know of any knives similar to the blaze that is made in the USA?
The Dominator is a CUDA knife the ROBO Heat, Blaze, and Sizzle are not. And it (the Dominator) is made by Camillius up in New York USA. As far as the function of the Dominator, it is a Robo Powered knife. My understanding is that Camillus will continue to manufacture the CUDA (made in USA) knives. The only CUDA that I know of that will be picked up by this other company is the EDC Every Day Carry CUDA. Will they use the CUDA name on the knife? Thats beyond my scope. But it will be the same knife manufactured in Taiwan by the same Taiwan Company for XXXXX (to be anounced).

I will have the Heat ect... knives when the other Company releases them. Untill then I have a good stock of the Camillus Heat knives.

I have the best price on Heat knives. Just as good as Smoky Mountain had, an my shipping is less.

Happy New Year,
Chestnut Ridge Knife Shop
I too wanted to get an American knife as I'm in Europe.I opted for a pocket-knife and chose the Camillus Yello Jacket as it looks traditional and nicely old-school. I've only just become aware of Camillus being in the red and possibly closing, PLEASE don't tell me the Yello Jacket is made in China...........
The Yello-Jaket is a god old made in the USA knife, top quality for the price.

I still have them in stock.

Chestnut Ridge Knife Shop
Toms the man for knives, service and price......... if he could only find me a Yello-Jaket 718 and 719.............
Thanks Tom, that's a relief and by the way, I have a yello jacket on order from you.Looking forward to getting it soon, regards W
Tom, got my yello jacket today ta! delivery to Finland in under a week,this was excellent. Very pleased with the little knife,but it would be a sad day if this American workmanship were to vanish or pop up in the 3rd world.