Amy-0 helpful hints with LAST RITES Ganza


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Mar 8, 2006
Here are some hints for tonight’s LAST RITES Ganza 01/16/2019
1. You Must email both and at 9:00pm EST Time
2. Please include your full name, contact information, shipping information and what handle you would like (All of them are Satin Finish)
3. If you would like to pay via credit card(Do not send that info we will contact you) or Pay-Pal just say Credit or Pay-Pal on your email (Same goes with shop credit please include that in email)
All emails are received when we receive them (That is why it is important to send to both myself and Garth.
It may take a few days to sort out BUT these are very LIMITED and will go fast.
Good Luck and Happy Ganza. Its been a LONG time since I said this but I see my eyes super crossed tomorrow.
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Please stop coddling the piglets. They need to get stomped by Hogs at the Trough multiple times. It's how they learn.

As Jerry said "We eat our own"
Remember the days of yore when there were multiple sites to monitor for a "GO"....and it would crash Bladeforums!!! Piglets got it easy these days....
When does it start? Did I miss it? Are these going to be on the busse website? :D:p:rolleyes:
Hello everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know that we are ALMOST finished sorting thru all the emails. Hopefully tomorrow we will begin to contact everyone (Some of you will have happy emails/phone calls some of you, not so happy emails/phone calls) been awhile since we had a Ganza (My eyes are very crossed LOL) Thank you EVERYONE for your patience. :)

P.S. with a whole lotta LOVE to EVERYONE, it was just like the good ole days. Well worth having eyes crossed. I just keep smiling. I truly have the best JOB in the world.
Good to see ya posting.

What's with the box? Micro home?lol Biodegradable housing?lol